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Cintigy Systems provides a variety of services including...

Web and Database Development

We provide everything from industrial-sized intranet database applications to Microsoft Access databases; from corporate web portals to custom websites designed to be managed easily by your company.

We can help you decide what social media platforms are suitable for you and your company. Maybe you need help figuring out Twitter or prehaps you need help decided what you should include on your company's Facebook page. Even if you don't think your customers are looking for you with social media maybe you should be looking for them on social media.

Information Technology Services

We provide IT support for businesses including computer network design and implementation, integration, expansion and mainteance. We provide complete security analysis, virus and spyware protection and much more. We can help you with things as simple as setting up a single computer in your office or as complex as setting up a multiple-location corporate network. If you need help deciding what anti-virus works with your company and your user behavior, let us know we can help you find the right mix.

We can provide your company or organization with a technician on-site or just provide phone support - your choice. Whether you want us to problem-solve your existing technology or to teach your staff how to use the technology that you've already invested in, we're here to help!


We provide complete training programs for your whole staff, or one-on-one coaching tailored to exactly what you want to learn about. From typing classes to advanced Microsoft Project training we can find the match between what you want and what you need. For networking customers, we provide training for staff members on how to use their network tools and how to maintain a secure and safe network. We also provide training on how to manage your network. Individual training can be on any range of subjects, such as general computer usage, how to use Facebook or how to get your new digital camera to work smoothly with the computer you have. We also provide various free seminars to the public.

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There are many more ways that Cintigy Systems can help you and your company or organization with your technology needs. Contact us at 505-566-3713 or to schedule a free consultation. We love to help!

“My mother has always been terrified of computers, but one session with Cintigy's people and she's sending e-mail like a pro.”

-Caroline Berchart

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